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Castrol–The Accelerators

Working across five countries, we created 25 films that explored the passion and love of motorcycling across SEA. We shot for 18 days, working with local crews across Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Thailand and The Philippines. We shot at racetracks, airstrips, abandoned quarries and factories, with an array of bikes from the 1930s to today’s latest, and fastest race bikes.

Lady's Choice

The Well was asked to create a story that defines the relationship between mothers and their children, in the Philippines. We shot for three days in and around Manila, developing an emotive, and touching story from the perspective of a young girl and how she interprets the world around her.

Cadbury Glow

We got to hang out with actor and TV personality George Young (what a nice guy) shooting for Cadbury’s new product Cadbury Glow. They say it’s better to give then receive and George proved this right with a meaningful and insightful perspective on the art of gifting.

Knorr Cooking Series

Another big project for us, we worked with Hot and Fresh in the Philippines and Redworks Singapore developing a large online content project for Unilever Knorr. The Well scripted and conceptualized a cooking series that showcased the very best local cuisine, using Knorr cooking products.

Walls Ice Cream–Pay if forward

Would you pay for a customers ice cream at a Seven Eleven Store? We were asked to find out by the team at Walls Ice Cream. We set up secret cameras; along with lots of fun incentives including a “Wall of Hearts” which allowed customers to leave messages about their experience. There were plenty of balloons, ice creams, and smiles.

Surf Excel-Matic

We've been working on a new series of films for the Unilever brand Surf Excel-Matic, specifically for their emerging markets across Asia and South East Asia. The films demonstrated how to buy, and use a washing machine, with the Surf Excel-Matic product integrated into the content. The films were all shot green screen, with a lot of time spent in post at Critica Design and Animation to create the freehand drawn world that the stories take place in.